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    Roaming Notifications (How to turn off)

    Immediately upon accepting a firmware upgrade on Monday morning, I have been several new problems.

    1. My phone now pesters me with constant notifications that I am Roaming - (I am always roaming because coverage is poor).
    However, my plan is unlimited roaming so I don't care. Either way, I want to stop the Roaming notifications that have been indroduced with the upgrade.

    Other problems introduced by the firmware upgrade include:
    1. Music playlists were deleted
    2. Speed dial contacts no longer function
    3. Wi-Fi does not connect at home anymore (older router but worked great before - solved with a new router at home)
    4. Several new unwanted apps added I would like to remove them - they seem intrusive
    5. Received an adware notification for a brewpub in a small town which I'd looked-up for GPS directions over a month ago.
    Thanks, Brutus

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    I have found, as a "BEST PRACTICE" to do a backup of the phone before doing updates. And then do a factory reset. I do a lot of custom ROM switching, and this is part of the process. In my opinion, there really isn't a better way to make sure the update takes properly.

    KIES for a stock phone is the best way to do so, as far as I know.

    I just got an E4GT this week, so I am new to the phone itself, and still learning.

    To get rid of the notification try doing this: Settings > Wireless and network > Roaming > Roaming guard

    Remove the checks from everything you don't want notifications for.

    1. Likely happened as a result of the update. Create them again.
    2. Again, likely happened as a result of the update. Remove them and create them again.
    3. Good to hear you fixed it. New updates from time to time contain new radios, and that can change the properties (especially with an older router).
    4. What are the apps? Sometimes the only way to remove them is to root the phone.
    5. Download AirPush Detector from the Play Store. This is likely to tell you what app is causing the issue.

    If all else fails, let me know!!

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    Welcome to the forum Brutus!


    "Guidelines of Conduct" for

    Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to PM me.



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