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    Adam Vinatieri's weekend preparations have already kicked into full force

    He's working with wet footballs Womens Youth Quincy Wilson Jersey Authentic Elite Limited Wholesale Nike Indianapolis Colts NFL Shop , determining his best footgear and getting ready for another potentially big day in messy weather. It's become a trademark of the NFL's best clutch kicker.After 22-plus seasons in the NFL, Vinatieri has figured out how to thrive in pretty much every element: rain, wind, sleet, snow, ice and mud.So it would be fitting if Vinatieri breaks Morten Andersen's career record for field goals in a rainy, windy Washington this weekend."They're fun in their own way," Vinatieri said. "I would prefer decent weather and clean games, if you will, but it's fun sliding around out there and doing that stuff. It makes your job a little more difficult, but whatever the weather is, we'll be ready to go."Bet on it.Vinatieri doesn't spend much time worrying about forecasts because the South Dakota native has produced some of his best work in the worst of times.Nobody will forget the two kicks he made in the Snow Bowl , or "Tuck Rule" game, to help New England beat Oakland in a divisional-round playoff following the 2001 season. It helped the Patriots capture their first Super Bowl.Last year, the oldest player in the league made a seemingly impossible extra point to force overtime in a December blizzard in Buffalo and helped keep the Colts within striking distance just 13 days later in monsoon-like weather in Baltimore.Last week, in the controlled environment of Lucas Oil Stadium, the 45-year-old kicker calmly made 3 of 4 field goals to move within striking distance of Andersen's career mark (565). Vinatieri is at 562. He's also 47 points away from breaking Andersen's career scoring record."Records are fun to talk about," said Andersen, who scored 2,544 points in 25 NFL seasons. "Do they define you as a player? I don't think so. But they can motivate you. I think Adam is more like me, he's in the now and he wants to win, but he's earned the right to celebrate it."Technically, Vinatieri already has more field goals than Andersen, who finished with 583 including playoff games. Vinatieri is the NFL's postseason record holder for scoring (234) and field goals (56); he has 618 counting the postseason, including two Super Bowl winners in the final minute.But his favorite kicks don't even show up in the league's official count."Obviously, none of the playoff ones count in these Womens Youth Braden Smith Jersey Authentic Elite Limited Wholesale Nike Indianapolis Colts NFL Shop , but the most memorable are those when it's the playoffs and games are on the line and seasons are holding by a string," Vinatieri said. "So yeah, I would say the Super Bowl, those two, and the one in the Snow Bowl game. Those are probably my top three if I had to rank them."Along the way, Vinatieri has been surrounded by some of the biggest and best names in football history.He's played for two Super Bowl-winning, Hall of Fame coaches in Bill Parcells and Tony Dungy, and a third, Bill Belichick, who seems like a shoo-in to make it when his career ends.He's played with two of the league's greatest quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, and a third, Andrew Luck, who just might join the list one day.He's won four Super Bowl rings, was the only unanimous selection on the Super Bowl 50 Golden Team, and has participated in a league-record 225 victories.And he still remembers asking Andersen, one of only two full-time kickers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, about the secret to his long, successful career. Whatever Andersen told him certainly stuck with Vinatieri, who has been around longer than a growing number of teammates remember."I'm the second oldest guy in the locker room and my first year of playing football was his second year in the league," said right guard Matt Slauson, who turned 32 in February. "So he's not only had one incredible career, he's essentially had two incredible careers with two different teams. It's amazing."Strangely, though, if Vinatieri does break the field goals record this weekend or this month, he's likely to do it with two unfamiliar names assisting: long snapper Luke Rhodes and punter/holder Rigoberto Sanchez. Both are in their second seasons with the Colts. Rhodes was 4 years old when Vinatieri was a rookie in 1996 Womens Youth Quenton Nelson Jersey Authentic Elite Limited Wholesale Nike Indianapolis Colts NFL Shop , while Sanchez was 2."You grow up watching him and then especially for me, I wasn't even in this position two years ago," Rhodes said. "I'm lucky and blessed to be where I am and pretty excited when the day comes he gets to break the record."But neither has a choreographed script for a celebration. They'd rather let Vinatieri handle that part on his own ó especially if it comes in a muddy mess this weekend."For me, it's more about an accumulation of a lot of years of work," Vinatieri said. "Can I remember every kick? No. But you add them all together, and I won't reminisce on any of that stuff until long after it's all done and over, if it happens. I will appreciate all the guys that came before me and set those records so high, and to be able to play long enough to get close to them is pretty special."Indianapolis Colts by the Numbers: Week 2 Defensive Stats Every week, I will present a summary of some basic and advanced stats for the Colts performance relative to the league. Thanks to Pro Football Reference, and the nflSCrapR project as the sources of weekly data.Remember everything I wrote about the defense last week? Take the opposite of that and you have this weekís summary. What a turnaround.The defense held Washington to 3 field goals of offense limiting them to a 64.5% DSR, which is very good (well thatís a bad DSR which is good for the defense). Washington only broke into the red zone on 2 drives and on one of those was promptly sacked behind the 20. The Indy D did not yield a first down via penalty all game and notched 3 sacks, 1 more than the previous week.TEAM TOTALSRanked by Adj PPD, the Colts D put up the second best mark of the week and limited Washington to a paltry 4.7 yds per play (which unfortunately was the same as our offense). The defense also held Washington to a bottom 10 performance in first downs conversions with <30% of plays converting and only 1 in 3 on 3rd downs. This was just an end to end good performance that was sorely needed. PASSING DEFENSERanked by ANY/A, Alex Smith was held to 5.5 yards. While the Indy defense gave up almost a 72% completion rate, that was driven by an average pass of only 4.8 yds through the air.Smith posted a 3.5 the week before so that wasnít so much a function of our D being stingy but rather that Smith likes short passes. Receiver YAC was held to a below average 4.1 yards and helped limit Smith to only 6.3 YPA. Thatís a solid effortagainst a QB that put up 8.5 the week before. RUSHING DEFENSEWashington rushing was stifled at 65 yards, much of which was a function of trailing in the game. But even so, the defense was stingy on the ground, limiting Washington to less than 1 success in 3 carries and less than 25% overall weighted success rate. CONCLUSIONOver 2 weeks the defense has been Jekyll and Hyde and so itís tough to truly say how they are performing. If the D from this week shows up the rest of the year, it wonít be a question of playoffs it will be a question of home field or not. Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? Leave it below.METRIC DEFINITIONSOffensePts: All team pointsAdj PPD: Points per drive with defensive and special team scores removed from team points and drives ending in QB kneels excluded from drive countsNet PPD: Adj PPD with adjusted points reduced interception and fumble TD returnsStrt Fld: Average starting field position (all drives)DSR: Drive Success rate calculated as FD + TD / (Drives + FD). Typically TDs are included in FD counts and so DSR = FD / (Drives + FD - TDs). Drives ending in kneel downs are typically excluded.1st%: The number of non-penalty first downs divided by plays.3DC: The % of third downs converted to firsts.Pass1st%: The number of non-penalty passing first downs divided by attempts + sacks.aDOT : The average depth of passes thrown relative to the line of scrimmage (completed or not)aYd: Air Yards for completed passes20+ : Pass plays for more than 20 yardsANY/A : Adjusted Net Yards per Attempt = (Yds - Sack yds + 20 * TD - 45 * Int) / (Att + Sacks)Rush1st% : The number of non-penalty rushing first downs divided by carries.10+ Yds : Rush plays for more than 10 yardsRSR: Rushing Success rate is the % of carries that result in success defined as a TD, First Down, 45% of ytg on 1st down and 60% of ytg on 2nd down. 4th quarter adjustments are included for time remaining and point differntialwRSR: Weighted RSR is RSR with a weighted value attached to each success type. TD = 2, FD = 0.9, 45% of ytg on 1sts = 0.65 and 60% of ytg on 2nd = 0.55.EPA/c: Expected Points Added per carry. This uses EPA data as calculated by the nflscrapR project.

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