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    Exclamation at&t galaxy s2 has major charging issues?!

    hi, so this is my first post on here and im not really sure how this works but I was hoping to get some help on my phone. its a at&t galaxy s2 (i777) and only about 6 months old but a refurb after my other one's charging port stopped working. its not in the best shape, its been dropped a few times but not anything critically damaging and I carry it around a lot but nothing major like water damage, etc. so im having charging issues on this one but its not with the charging hole. I use it a lot and might not have treated my battery as you're supposed to. but I got a new one and it still doesn't work. it dies in about 3 hours after having a complete charge and takes FOREVER to charge. it takes it about 8 hours on average to charge from being completely dead. not only that, but it will randomly stop charging after the 'voltage being too high'. which is even more inconvenient since it barely charges anyway. so I was hoping it was a battery issue and getting a brand new store bought battery would fix it. but the new one is doing the same thing. and it seems like my charger hole is just fine and its not my charger. on my new battery I let it die then gave it a full charge like instructed and its still messed up. and today it had actually gone a whole school day but then it was messing up so I restarted it and when it came on it was at 1%. sorry if there's too many issues here to even diagnose, but I just need help so maybe I don't have to get a new phone since I don't see why this one is messing up so badly! so any suggestions on how to fix my battery since calibrating it didn't seem to work or is my phone gone? thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum itseden!

    I'm not a technician, so I can't really advise you on the battery issue, but if you hold on for a bit, some of our more knowledgeable members or staff will pop in with some suggestions.
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    Re: at&t galaxy s2 has major charging issues?!

    Welcome to the forum!
    Are you sure it's not the charging port or usb cable? That's what it sounds like to me. I had a similar issue with my Galaxy S3. I would plug it in at night before bed, and wake up in the morning to only a 40% charge. I didn't realize what was going on until I forgot to turn off my sound one night and the phone kept beeping every couple minutes (like it does when you first plug the cable in) The cable wasn't fitting very secure, and so it kept disconnecting and reconnecting. I tried a new cable and viola!, charges like a dream. You might look into that a little more closely, since you've purchased a new battery already and that hasn't solved your problem. Try a new or alternate usb cable and see if that helps.
    Good luck and let us know how you make out.


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