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    MMS picture size limit (Sending)

    Hello.. is there a way to increase the size limit on MMS messaging? For some reason when my friend sends me pictures (via Text) theyre like an inch big and like 32kb. I have an HTC sensation and have the option of setting the limit from 300, 600 and 1000KB. I had her got to Messages>settings> MMS message where I go to on my phone but she doesnt seem to have a size limit setting. Is this how all S2s are? Pretty lousy if you cant send big pics. Can anyone help?

    Answers Im not looking for:

    "Try such and such app" Dont like intalling apps, nor do I think I should have to.
    "Just email it" If I wanted to email it, I wouldnt have started this tread.

    And nothing having to do with rooting your phone.

    I just want to know if this is a mere settings issue.

    Thanks in advance. lol
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    The default messaging app for most Android phones does not let you set a message size more than 1M because of network limitations of a time when a 1M file was simply too large.

    I personally have no good answer for you due to very closed limitations for your desired solution. The Samsung software is more or less, IMO, junk. I have always used a third party app. Sorry to seem short, but the reality is that the stock options for Android in terms of MMS are just poor.

    If a screenshot of the MMS settings can be provided, that might help.

    What carrier is she on? This could also be a carrier issue.

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    My HTC sensation allows from 300 to 1000K. 1mb is more than enough and heck, even 300Kb would suffice. But my friends pics are being received at 30K.

    Here's a screen shot I had her send me of her MMS messaging settings.

    She has Tmobile. and so do I, so I dont think its a carrier issue since my phone lets me send 1Mb size images.

    Worst case scenario, what's an app she could use to send pics at normal size?



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