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    How to clean chamois sofa

    Follow the cleaning instructions
    It is advised to search for a list of instructions for washing and cleaning a chamois sofa before starting a cleaning, which is usually installed at the edges or inner corners of it, and this list contains the most appropriate way to clean the piece without damaging it , and the manufacturer may use a set of symbols to express the appropriate cleaning methods

    Where the letter W symbolizes that the sofa can be cleaned with detergents and aqueous solutions, and the S symbol means that it can be cleaned using a special solvent only and if water is used, it will leave stains on it. As for the symbol SW, it means that it can be cleaned in two ways, either if the symbol is Is X, so it should be cleaned by the dry method only and not to use any kind of liquid on it

    In case the cleaning method is not written on the list, it is recommended as an "S" symbol, but it is preferable to try the detergent on a small and hidden area of ​​the sofa first to make sure it is safe on the chamois

    Clean wet spots
    The following are the steps for cleaning liquid stains from a chamois sofa: Scrape off as much of the stain as possible, if it is sticky, using a plastic spoon, and wipe it with a dry towel but gently to extract as much of it and the resulting moisture as possible. Prepare the cleaning solution by adding a small amount of it to a bucket of water, and stirring it well to produce a good amount of foam.

    Use a soft cloth to gently put some foam on the dirty area of ​​the sofa, and it is preferable to use the foam only without water so that the sofa does not get wet too much. Use the patting method to remove the stain from the sofa without rubbing too hard; This is so that the cloth absorbs the most of the stain.

    Turn the cloth over the dirty the used side, and continue to wipe the stain by adding more foam as needed. Wipe the area with a dry cloth, and to fix the curly lint from the chamois after cleaning, it is recommended to pass a soft brush over it and comb it.

    It is preferable to use a cleanser intended for sofa or chamois leather, but be aware that different types of chamois leather may interact differently with detergents, so it is recommended to test a small, hidden area first. To ensure that there are no negative effects on the color or texture of the sofa.

    Dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent powder can be used if a dedicated Chamois leather detergent is not available.

    Clean dry spots
    Usually a dry spot is formed as a result of neglecting to clean the stains while they are wet at the time of their occurrence, as this leads to dryness over time and firmly sticking to the chamois, and can be dealt with through the following tips: Use the eraser of the pencil to rub dry spots with small areas a

    Use a dedicated brown eraser to clean chamois and other skins, in case the regular eraser is not effective. Use sandpaper to gently scrub the hard, dry spots off the chamois. Stubborn and difficult stains in some cases need to be cleaned by professionals in this field, as it is recommended to clean the chamois in a designated place.

    translated from:
    طرق التنظيف
    خدمات التنظيف

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    Cleaning a chamois sofa can be tricky. It's easy to get caught up in the process of cleaning sofa, but with these five steps you'll have your couch looking like new again!



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