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    Crime Story - New Freemium Gangster Adventure Game

    A new title from the developer of the astounding popular My Country has appeared on the Android Market, in the shape of Crime Story. It’s a similar kind of thing, in which players follow an unfolding plot, completing missions and earning experience points & money to buy items with which to progress.

    No doubt players will reach a point in the game when the temptation to simply buy credit with actual real-world credit card money rather than earn it will become too much to resist. Or that’s the hope, anyway.

    Сorruption and greed rule in Crime Story. Be the Godfather of your play world!"A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man."
    Don Vito Corleone. The Godfather.

    Crime Story is a game where you can narrate your own gangsta story. Your stairway up to the mafia boss position starts with searching of your kidnapped brother. Feel the romance of the mysterious mafia world: raise your profile from a common nasty job doer to a respected mobster, eliminate rivals, and subdue the town. Your scars and tattoos will tell everyone the story of your thorny way up. You'll be the Godfather of your own play world.
    But even when appeared at the very top, you should never forget your family. Ties of blood are the most important thing in the life of every gangster. You can conquer the whole town only with the support of your family.

    Main game objectives:

    • Find your brother,
    • Conquer the town,
    • Eliminate your enemies with force or cunning,
    • Make tattoos to raise your profile,
    • Seize new locations,
    • Establish business relations.

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