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    virus/malware issue with smartphones

    Being this is my first true "smart-phone", I can't help but wonder out of all the tens of thousands of apps out there, are viruses/malware a big issue with our phones? While I was able to access the web (in a limited fashion), Vcast videos/music, etc on my Casio GzOne, I wasn't ever worried about this sort of thing. Now that I have my Fascinate and the ability to view true webpages (to an extent) and the access to so many apps....should we be concerned. What steps should we take to protect our investment? How does one decide what apps are safe to download and what sites are safe visiting?
    I understand that common sense plays a big role in much of this, I'm just wondering what everyone else thought about this issue.

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    You pose an interesting question...i had thought it was still too early for that, but i've seen antivirus apps in the market. I think i'm gonna play ostrich with my head in the sand at least until I get burned or see someone get burned.
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    My understanding is that there hasn't been a lot of malware activity in the smartphone segment, regardless of platform (Android, BB, iOS, etc). I'm sure that there are ne'er-do-wells out there with too much time on their hands who will probably develop something at some point, but we ain't quite there yet.

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    I had a text sent to me that automatically adjusted my volume to the loudest setting and starting shouting that I was looking at Gay porn on my phone... Luckily I was alone in my car (and due to the attached picture, I actually was looking at gay porn)

    I would consider this the beginning phase of phone attacks. As minor and humorous as it may seem, obvously someone was able to write a code to adjust my vibrate to full volume...could have been an issue if I was in a meeting or in the court room.

    I downloaded the anti virus from the market. It claims to scan downloads?
    1st Droid was in November 2009 HTC Eris, other than it having a horrible battery, constantly bogging down, not allowing me to call or receive calls at random times, I loved it!



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