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    What Everybody Ought To Know About the Omega J8004

    Since most of us are busy with grinding daily schedules, eating the right food all the time is certainly regarded as a time consuming endeavor. The daunting task of picking the right food and preparing it on a daily basis disillusions so many people that ordering takeout is what usually ends up happening because it's just so much easier.You may score points for convenience and save time, but you're not doing your body any favors and you will pay the price for that kind of lifestyle, eventually. This is usually when people discover juicing.

    Juicing is not only cheaper, but has all the convenience of takeout once its prepared (which, from start to finish, can take 5 minutes... literally). And, bonus, its better for your health (no trans fats or artificial ingredients), your mind (you won't have that mid-afternoon crash), and your waistline.

    It is for this reason that finding the right juicer is crucial. It has to have the features that can genuinely save you time but be able to serve you the best quality juice,as well. The Omega J8004 is a relatively new addition to the list of juicers that actually do a good job and has been ascending the ranks quickly. So, we put it to the test to see if it lived up to the hype. This is what hundreds of users had to say:

    It comes in a selection of 3 different colors, (white, black, and chrome finish) so it will work well with any kitchen decor. Many users really liked this aspect as most juicers are really an eyesore on the kitchen countertop. This might sound nice, but beware: you have to pay extra if you want the black or chrome finish.

    Based on its build the Omega J8004 is a solid and sturdy machine. It's a 14 x 61/2 x 15 juicer in size (a bit big) and weighs 19lb (a bit heavy) so you can be sure that it won't skitter along a surface as it does its job. At this size, it would be a permanent fixture in your kitchen because taking it out of a cupboard on a daily basis would be way too much work

    It uses the masticating system.Its heavy-duty auger, juicing cone, and drum can extract any kind of fruit or vegetable, soft or hard.

    Promises of making 20% more juice than the other juicers are remarkably met. It's capable of producing a remarkably dry pulp, which means no juice wastage. That's very good.

    The Omega J8004 can clearly save you time. It has a large feeder chute, which means no more cutting and peeling. As long as the fruit or vegetable fits, just wash and dump them all in.

    It uses a slow speed, enough to produce juice without making it foamy, which can speed up the oxidation process. It's because of this that your juice will be able to stay fresh in the fridge for two days! If you have the time and more fruits and vegetables left, you can juice them all in advance and keep it so you can have them whenever you feel like it, without having to juice every day.

    It does not produce much heat. The reason why health enthusiasts say that cooked vegetables are less nutritious is not because of the cooking per se, but because of the heat. Heat destroys the enzymes naturally present in veggies after a certain amount of time and heat are applied. This is why having a juicer that doesn't affect the nutritional value of its yield is a plus.

    It has two-speed/easy switch features making it easier to switch speeds as you juice soft or hard fruits or vegetables.

    It comes with a 15-yearwarranty, which shows that the Omega J8004 is exceptionally durable. And if anything (unfortunate) happens, you can be sure that your machine will be given the proper fixing with no cost at all.Takeout Times reviews

    It is easy to clean. Definitely a PLUS!

    For a big machine, it's remarkably quiet.

    It's not hard to see why the Omega J8004 is quickly becoming a favorite in juicing circles. Ideal for juicing aficionados and newbies alike, you'll be hard pressed to find another juicer that's as versatile and efficient at its price point. This Omega is definitely a heavy contender.

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