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    Searching for computer software

    computer software
    The term computer software is used to describe a set of computer programs, along with procedures, and documents that perform certain tasks on a computer system.

    To be programmed with an easy-to-use interface that allows for more efficient interaction with a computer system, there are three main classifications of a computer software system, namely: system software, software, and application software.

    system software
    System software coordinates all computer hardware systems, and provides all other types of software to run through, and it is necessary to use system software to run programs and applications.

    Examples of system software include Microsoft Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, and device drivers.

    Application software
    Application software is used to perform the tasks chosen by the user, knowing that its presence on the computer is not necessary, but it is installed and run according to the requirements

    Examples of application programs include Microsoft Office, media players, tutorials, and media development programs.

    These programs were developed for editing, testing, debugging, and developing programs and applications, including the Java language editor, which is used to create application programs.

    Examples of software include the Turbo C editor and debuggers.

    programming languages
    Work on this type of program is limited only to computer programmers, as programming languages ​​are considered as the basic building block for systems programs and application programs, so the Java language is used to program Internet applications

    And the use of C++, which is the language of professionals on a large scale in the development of operating systems, and there are many new programming languages ​​that are used for smartphones, and they are typical programs used for programming applications for smartphones.

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