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    getting into sports betting?

    what should I study to win at sports betting?

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    I think sports betting is a way of gambling that is really fun and if your smart you wont lose a lot and it makes watching a sporting event that much better.I have been betting since I was 15 and dont think I could go through a Sunday in nfl season without betting the games.
    So the entertainment value alone is noteworthy but if your talking say just making a living betting sports and that will be only source of income it will be very difficult.The last number I saw was even the most skilled sport handicappers some of which live here 57 percent.That's less than 6 out of 10 games being correct and even if you hover a round 52percent you are considered a well respected player.I'm not great with numbers but the profit margin is not much.You have to sustain losing streaks too and all bettors go thru those.
    The only way to sustain any long endeavor if your giving it thought is discipline.Total disipline.You cant lose your head when you just went 0for4 on the day losing all your 550 straight bets on a Tuesday and come to the window Wed and bet. 2000$ 3 team parlay and be reckless.Good Luck
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    1. Money management. Bet less than 5% of your total current bankroll per bet. Be discipline.
    2. Be a strategic gambler by picking your spots and wait for the right opportunity.
    Never be an emotional compulsive gambler by betting because it's your favorite team or for the action or bet against a team because you hate a certain player.
    3. Stay emotionless all the time. Bet like a robot. There's no place for emotions in this profession. Be unbiased.
    4. Do your research by watching game footage, trends and statistics should be used on division rivals only.
    Don't judge a team based on what they did in their previous game.
    5. Never bet on heavily juiced/vig lines. Like a line at -1000 for example.
    Good luck with



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