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    Sex drive issues

    I have always had sex drive and arousal issues. I wonder what can make a person more aroused? Or fantasize more?

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    I'm not a psychologist but I'll just talk about what I've gathered from my life experience. Your mileage may vary. Plus I'd suggest reading books on sex counselling for couples-particularly long-time partners who are trying to reinvigorate their sex lives and check out some xxx chat rooms.
    This will be long but I'll try to make my points concise.

    Successful professional writers have something in common-they don't wait for a "muse": they have to write whether they feel inspired or not. John Cleese, the famous Monty Python performer and legendary comedy writer, told a story about Peter Cook, who was also a legendary comedy writer/performer. He said that Cook was a genius and it was effortless, but that in the 1970s when it dried up for him, he was stuck because he never learned how to grind it out like the rest of us.
    Most people who are young start off with high hormone levels and everything is new and novel. Spontaneous and unwanted erections are common and a problem.
    But as we get older, that usually fades. The body chemistry changes; things that were all new and exciting are now familiar and shopworn. Often we end up with long-term partners, and even if you're paired up with a goddess, it's the same goddess night after night after night, month after month, year after year. And if the goddess puts on some extra pounds, or loses some elasticity, or drops some pounds, gets banged up-all the things that happen with age-what was once beautiful is now just a representation of what used to be beautiful.
    There was a recent podcast of "Freakanomic" where they explored Grit-grit being a quality of stick-to-it-iveness, persistence, or long-term interest in something. One of the things you can do to build on that is take something you're interested in (in this case sex) and explore the depths, breadth and nuances of it.
    So I'll apply this to my case, since I'm middle aged and suffer from a depressed libido for various reasons-biology, boredom, and social circumstances. But I buy into the studies that I read that keeping the plumbing running on a regular basis is good for my prostate and other organs.
    When I see something that really rings my bell, I mentally remember it, and try to analyze what it is about it that I like. And then I try to find more of it.
    I also try to keep looking for new things, and not just get stuck in a rut. There's a massive amount of porn out there, but most of it is just small variations on the same thing. It's easy to get into something and just see nothing but the same thing all the time, and think that's all there is.
    Another thing is being mindful of when I'm at my best. Some people are best at night while other people are too tired from the day. Some people are best in the morning. Some are afternoon.
    Another thing is just being mindful of what gets me in the mood. Writing focuses my thoughts, and I find it has a positive effect on me. It doesn't have to be dirty talk--even an academic discussion like this will do it for me. Writing this post isn't giving me a hard-on by any means, but it's focusing my mind on sex.
    The last thing (or things) is back to John Cleese: grinding it out, and enjoying the grind. I try to use what I've learned about myself to get into a good frame of mind, even if I don't feel horny to begin with. And I've also learned how to try and enjoy the ride, not just the climax. For a lot of my life it was always just a race to get to the "good part"-the pop. I've learned that it's the build-up that's the good part-the climax is the enjoyable end.
    None of this always works. There are times I start things and don't finish. There are times when I just don't want to even start, no matter what. But I do find that it works better on the whole than using my old teenage mindset of just reacting to things as they happen.

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    Of course, it is important to eat healthy food and do sports to feel good, thus you can improve your sex power. But in case you have a health problem, I recommend to visit a doctor. A lot of people face such an issue, sometimes it can be treted only with the help of pills. But don't use any meds without prescription. At least check the info about them online. Personally I usually use Canadian Pharmacy Online for this purpose. Anyway, it is necessary to think positive!
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    To answer your question lets be clear first of all that there is no treatment for HIV The drugs that exist are used to manage it by preventing replication and spreading of the virus.



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