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    Question What is rageagainsthecage and how does it give me root?

    The answer is actually posted in full at the Android Root Source Code.

    Below is just a sloppy paraphrase, but I hope it helps makes sense of the genius behind Mr. 7-4-3-C AT web d0t de's hack.


    The operating system on your Fassy only allows a finite, specific and limited, number of processes to run at any given time. If that number is exceeded then no more processes can start.

    Each time a new process is run, for security, the operating system in response runs a process that lowers the user level of the new process from root to user level.

    What the rage hack does is (1) check what the number of processes limit is, (2) check to see what process number the "adb shell" is running under, (3) spawn, or make a bunch of useless processes to run the operating system up to its limit, (4) kill the adb shell process, and then (5) restart the adb shell.

    Okay, you say, so how did we get root?

    Since we are at limit-minus-one when the adb shell is killed off, starting the adb shell again puts us at exactly limit! The operating system then, for security, attempts to lower the user level of the adb shell...but it can't!

    The operating system can't run the one-more-process it needs to lower the shell from root to user level since the processes are maxed out.

    And, as the article mentions, there is no error, and the shell keeps right on running root until you close it. That's why you then have to do something else to make it "stick".
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