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    In regards to Hammerbang's original issue, I was finally able to replicate the issue you were having. Every time my phone would go idle (black screen) and I would activate it, my home picture would be to the left and not in the center where it should be. What I had to do to correct it (on my phone at least) was to go to the home page with the background as i wanted it, hit the power button to lock the screen (black screen), then hit the power button again to reactivate it. Once I did this, I was back to where I was suppose to be. It appears that whatever page you are on when you hit the power button to lock you phone becomes the default home screen anytime you reactivate it. Hope this helps.

    In regards to CR6's problem, I have not had to unlock my phone to disconnect calls. Each time I take the phone down from my ear, the phone screen is present and I simply hang-up. I wonder if there is possibly an issue with your proximity sensor and/or a 3rd party app you may be using?
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    I wonder if it has to do with my "screen timeout"? I have it set for 2 minutes and the phone won't lock up if I'm on a short call, ie;checking my bank balance, voicemail, etc.... but it will if I'm on a longer call. That shouldn't matter in my opinion, but it's a possibility. As for apps, I've only downloaded a few and none of them run in the background, so I don't think it's that. I'll have to check my settings again and make some calls to see if that changes anything.


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