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Thread: Nandroid backup

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    Nandroid backup

    Ok folks I was cleaning out the nandroid back ups on my sd card and noticed that there was one from year 2000. I'm pretty sure it wasn't backed up back then so is it ok to delete it?

    Also since I have done the ext4 format will my old back ups not made in this format even work?

    Thanks in advance

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    If you're not sure of the configuration that was backed up with that one backup (and you have other recent ones), get rid of it. You may want to dump excess backups, as well.

    I only keep (at most) two nandroid backups on my card, with descriptive file names like "2011-06-06_CommROM_2.0_Fasc_Xperience_theme_OTB_1.5" so I know EXACTLY what my configuration was at the time of backup.

    If you have old non-voodoo backups and you're currently running a voodoo system, you should probably dump the old ones. I imagine you would have to re-convert your file system if you ever wanted to restore them, anyway.

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    Similair question along those lines. Can i delete the info under voodoo log?

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