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    I will post an update after we get the phone in the next few days. I was working with it again last night and it is doing the same thing. The ability to get on the internet consistently at at decent speeds is a problem (and the one bar phenomenon is still there). I had read in other forums that if you can get the right tech support person on the phone at Verizon that they can do something like resetting a data connection? Not sure what that is all about...but I have already called twice and they have told me a replacement is my best bet. Let's see what that does. If I am paying $30 a month for data, I should be able to use it whenever I want.

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    True dat

    What has been recommended is called an ESN Swap. Fundamentally they program your account for another phone, and then back to your phone. What this does is create a new entry for your phone in some database. It's helped a lot of people, but not everyone.

    If you have another phone you can do the swap yourself with the two phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlp2955 View Post
    The peculiar thing that is happening is regardless of her 3g signal strength before accessing an internet app, as soon as we click on an app that has to access the internet, her 3G signal either drops to one bar or no bars at all. This happens just about every time.
    This happened to me ALL. THE. TIME.For months on end. In fact, it's why I returned my new Droid2 for a Fascinate.Good news is, it's not the phone. Bad news is it's the carrier (Verizon in my case). It's incredibly frustrating, I know -- as SOON as you go to an app that requires a connection, the data goes out. Try navigating a new city (like Phoenix), being ON the freeway, and then having Navigator go out as soon as you open it. Me and the phone had a lot of words, I tell ya. It's your towers. Every time we go back to Arizona, this happens. Take a new phone into a VZ store, activate it, then an hour later go back and activate the problem phone. NO idea why it works, but it does. It aligns your plan with the available towers, it seems. We have a winter home in AZ, and I do this ecru tune I go back. Oddly, I don't have to when I return to Montana, but thus is where I first signed up with Verizon. I saw this tip posted, and it worked for this particular problem. It's like data times out when not in use, but your phone doesn't reflect that til you go to use data.


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