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    setting up google account without data?

    I have a fascinate which i bought outright for use as a GPS / media player / itouch replacment and im having issues with the app marketplace...

    Every time i try to set up the account using wifi it says could not establish a reliable data connection.

    how can i get past this? is there some way i can trick the phone into thinking its running on a data network when its really going through wifi?

    Also, every time i turn on the phone its asking me to unlock / set up the phone. i get out of this by using *#83786633 but its a bit annoying, is there anything else i can do? Its a verizon phone and im in canada, so no luck going to V. and asking them to fix it...

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    This is definately a first. Don't take this the wrong way, but why would you buy a phone as a replacement media player? You'll need to set up a Google account, it's free. Plus the phone needs that information in order for your GPS to work properly. I don't know how you're going to get everything you want out of this device without having a valid phone number associated with it, perhaps someone else has a way for you to get around this. I would assume you would have to root the phone, but you can't even do that without going through the proper set up process.
    It's a great phone, but I personally think you would have been better off with a different device if you only want to use it as a media player/GPS unit.
    Welcome to the site and hopefully someone will have some better answers for you. You may also want to check out a website called XDA Developers and ask over there. It's a community of developers who would definately be able to tell you whether or not you can get around unlocking this phone to use it the way you'd like.
    Good luck and let us know how it works out for you.

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    well i've got it rooted already, that seems to have been the easy part.

    none of the other media players i know of have a GPS unit in them, not to mention a brilliant 4 inch screen or high quality camera or expandable memory or even a speaker worth a crap (falling asleep with headphones = sucks). Like you mentioned, its a great device. The way i looked at it i could have a unit that has potential to last me years and do all i want it to or i can pay near as much (on ebay, decent deal) for the fascinate. Kinda bummed it doesnt have the front camera, one source i read said it had it but thats not a deal breaker, for now im just trying to customize it how i want.

    For now my biggest concern is connecting my google account. I have one that i have my contacts and calendar through, it just wont connect. everything else seems fine, i can do internet and youtube and whatever else i want, just not tie the device to an account >.<

    thanks for the tip tho, will head off there asap see if anyone else knows.

    Idea: if i were to flash ? the OS from being the custom samsung to something a user has made (and getting rid of bing in the process) would that fix my problem?



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