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    Question New Fascinate user seeking genius assistance please!

    Couple things really.....3 questions...

    1. thinking about rooting the phone but know nothing about it....advice?

    2. how can applications be moved to sd card?

    3. is there a way to change notification ringtones on this device?

    thank you anyone for any direction or help offered! I appreciate it!

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    Hi, welcome to the forums. I'll try to help with some of your answers but I'm sure others will chime in and help as well.
    1., then ask some questions. There is plenty of information found in the rooting section of this site as well as links to other sites. Take some time to learn what you can do when rooted, and determine if that is what you want to accomplish. If it is then it really is no big deal to do, just follow the instructions found here and elsewhere.
    2. You will not be able to move applications to the sd card until the 2.2 update is released for our phones. That is a function that is available in Froyo.
    3. You can change the ringtone for sms msgs by going into the sms program, settings, select ringtone. This is really the only one I have changed so I'm not sure about any other programs. This allows me to recognize a text msg from all the other alerts though.

    Have fun!!

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    Welcome to the forums, BigRoo! Ditto to what Sele said about rooting. There's a ton of info available, both here and at the XDA Developers forums. Do your research and if you're not sure about something, ask.

    Regarding changing ringtones, what Sele said about changing the tone for SMS/MMS also applies to Gmail. There are some apps out there that let you customize things even further. You can search this site for "ringtone" to find threads about that.



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