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  1. Possible causes for Facebook notifications disappeared problem

    Many Android users have complained that they are unable to see FB notification bubbles at all, or when they open the Facebook app to check them, all the Facebook notifications disappeared. The...
  2. What are the causes of Tinder Error Code 40303?

    While using Tinder, you might face many issues. These problems are generally represented in the form of error codes. An error code tells you the reason behind the problem. You might have experienced...
  3. Why Am I Unable to see Notifications on my iPhone?

    If you are not able to find the Notifications on iPhone, Go to the Settings in app, always ensure to check the iPhone settings for the app under the option of Settings> Apps and Notifications> Name...
  4. How to Troubleshoot Your Facebook notifications Disappeared Issue?

    Facebook has been supposed for its simple features, some of the new users are unable to resolve the issue of Facebook notifications disappeared on their own. In order to fix the issue, you must try...
  5. How to Switch to a Facebook Email Address on PC?

    Are you wondering- How to change Facebook Email? The answer to your question is yes, you can change the Email Address on Facebook. It can be done when your Facebook account breached or your device is...
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    How Do I Resolve Tinder code 5000?

    Tinder is one of the most well known online dating platforms and over the time, there is an issue with Tinder app especially with the users that signed up with their Facebook profile. Sometimes, the...
  7. How to do Facebook code generator Bypass?

    Facebook Code Generator is a security feature for your Android/IOS Facebook Application, used with two-factor authentication. It is used to ensure your verification when you are trying to login to...
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