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    [New Game] Catcha Catcha Aliens! [Free]

    Yup, another runner game. But this one might just catch your eye especially if you're looking for some much needed variety....
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    [Free] Clean Master (Cleaner)

    Spring is in the air folks and you know what that means, spring cleaning. When people say, “spring cleaning” people always think...
  3. Heroes Call : Now Available for All Android Devices

    Back in June, the action RPG Heroes Call THD hit the market for all Tegra devices. Naturally, the development team wants to get...
  4. Nexus 7 Tablet Forum is now Live! Be sure to join us!

    Just today, June 27th 2012, Google announced the Nexus 7 Tablet to the world. It is a self branded tablet running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean....
  5. Shoot The Zombie Birds by Infinite Dreams [FREE]

    How long will you survive?
    Do you remember Pumpkin Boy? Last year he was protecting little Pumpkids from the evil birds....
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    Men In Black 3 by Gameloft [FREE]

    The official game of Men in Black 3, putting players in charge of the agency.
    We are the best-kept secret in the universe. We are...
  7. Oracle vs Google Trial; Jury Comes Back: Google Did NOT Infringe Any Patents

    Google just scored a major victory in the Oracle vs. Google patent infringement trial. After a week of deliberations, the Jury...
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    MP3dit : Add, Edit & Save [Free]

    MP3dit is a tag editor for MP3 files. This app can search for album art; fix split albums and song order; and change the artist,...
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    Time2Go : Never be late again! [Free]

  10. Hojoki : Make all your Cloud apps work as one! [Free]

    Hojoki Combines Your Favorite Cloud Productivity Services Into One Handy News Feed.
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    We'd like to announce that we do a sister site dedicated entirely to the "Next Galaxy" phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S3...
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    Monster Shooter from Gamelion Studios [Free]

    Gamelion released the highly anticipated dual joystick shooting game Monster Shooter! The game is a dynamic, quirky...
  13. Glad I didn't stay up for it. I almost did....

    Glad I didn't stay up for it. I almost did. :Tongue:
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    Samsung Begins Next Galaxy Phone Countdown

    We’re still two weeks out before Samsung’s next flagship device in the Galaxy S series is unveiled in London, but the...
  15. Oops my bad, OP edited... I'm so used to posting...

    Oops my bad, OP edited... I'm so used to posting at DF and forget that there are other carriers around. :Shocked::Tongue::excited: lol
  16. Samsung Unveiling the next Galaxy phone May 3rd in London - Could it be the S III? (a very large and established European gadget site) has received an invite to a Samsung event on May 3rd. There’s...
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    Instagram for Android Now Available

    Instagram is making its long-awaited debut on Android today. Already a huge success on iOS and boasting over 27 million...
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    Temple Run now Available on Android!

    The wait is over folks. The highly popular game that became number one on iOS is now available on Android!

    The game centers...
  19. Google Play Launch Promotion: .49 cent apps + more to come!

    To celebrate the launch of Google Play, Google has launched a brand-new sale promotion for a number of features apps and...
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    Rocket Weasel [Free]

    Help Weasel save his students in 64 levels of rocket-flying, crate-crashing fun. The forest animals send their kids to...
  21. Official Google MWC app available in the Android Market

    If you’re lucky enough to be in Barcelona for MWC this week, or just want a peak at some of the coolness that is Google’s Android booth,...
  22. StumbleUpon updated; Adds Android Beam Support and more

    Amidst the clamoring of all things mobile at the Mobile World Congress in Spain, StumbleUpon announced an update to their...
  23. [NEW GAME] Fragger for Android - Throw Grenades at your Enemies [FREE]

    Fragger is a new game from that gives you a pack of grenades and a phalanx of immobile terrorists and says, "Have fun!"...
  24. for Android Gets Updated, Voice Calls and Improved UI has quickly grown to become one of the best multi-protocol instant messaging clients in the Android market. With today’s...
  25. AppAware - Social Network for Apps & Games [FREE]

    AppAware is a free app that merges the concept of both apps, providing a much better blend of social networking and app...
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