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  1. How does a basic taxi booking app work?

    1. Admin manages all the operations of the app with the help of a dashboard and panel. All information related to the taxi rides, invoice details, and much more is saved in the app that the admin can...
  2. Features that can be utilized in a food delivery app during this pandemic!

    Add features that enable hygienic packing and preparation of food. Inform the customers of the safety standards followed. Few essential elements that can be integrated at this time of the pandemic...
  3. Why Investing in Gojek Clone App is a Profitable Business?

    Many entrepreneurs want to establish themselves in the field of business jumble between having too many ideas and not channelizing it into one.

    Why channelize it into one when you can...
  4. Parameters to Keep in Check While Developing an On-Demand Taxi Service App

    Uber clone software is the best and first taxi service app script, and using the Uber script for your business will reduce the muddle of barging into the taxi service app sector by half.

  5. Exotic Features that can be Assimilated in a Ubereats Clone App

    The primary features like login, profile setup, search for the food/restaurant, order, payment process, GPS-enabled tracking, ratings, and reviews keep the app running. But as the app and customers...
  6. Developing an App like Gojek can be the Right Choice at This Time!

    Do you have a business idea to offer different on-demand services? Gojek clone app offers a common platform for entrepreneurs to run a well-planned business that extends multiple on-demand services....
  7. Replies

    The Market of Uber Clone!

    Almost half the entrepreneurs are ready to barge in establishing a business in the commuting sector. Commuting is an indispensable need, and integrating a travel service app into your business will...
  8. Revenue Model of a Food Delivery App!

    A food delivery app needs to have a robust revenue model, and the charges should be nominal.

    1. Commission to the admin
    Ubereats charges 30% of the total cart value as commission. The same can...
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    Importance of Gojek Clone App

    Gojek app revolutionized the on-demand service apps market by providing all in one solution. Launched in 2010, the Gojek app offers almost 20+ services with high efficiency.

    Gojek is a good...
  10. Develop your On-demand Taxi Service App!

    The revenue of the on-demand taxi service app industry is expected to reach $220 billion by 2025, globally. This shows the scope of fetching a colossal revenue through these apps.
    Get your on-demand...
  11. Develop a Safety packed Food Delivery App During this Pandemic!

    More people have started to prefer ordering food from food delivery apps. Even before the pandemic began, food delivery apps were facing a rise in usage. Ever since the pandemic hit, it is the...
  12. Launch a Multifaceted on-demand Service App Using Gojek Clone Script

    Are you an entrepreneur who is skillful enough to cater to multiple on-demand services? Integrate a multi-purpose app into your business using the Gojek Clone script. At Appdupe, we offer adequately...
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    Why Uber Clone is Popular?

    The demand for commuting swiftly and with comfort is increasing day by day.
    Commuting in a taxi is the most preferred way than traveling in public transport because of the comfortability. With all...
  14. Advantages of Developing a Gojek Clone App!

    1) Customers can use a single app for all their services and requirements instead of shuffling between multiple apps for each need. It also saves up space on the customers’ phone as they need not...
  15. Basic Key Features of Ubereats like Food Delivery Apps!

    In developing a food delivery app using Ubereats clone, there are few essentials to be considered
    The original vital features should be intact. In the customer app, features like logging in,...
  16. Key Advantages of Using a Uber Clone App for Taxi Business

    Using an uber clone script to develop a taxi booking app is a wise choice because Uber clone script is the best, and many successful apps have used uber clone script.

    It is ready for launch
  17. Benefits of using Uber Clone Script for your Business!

    Many traditional taxi businesses have started to integrate taxi booking apps into their system. Using an uber clone script to develop a taxi booking app is a wise choice because Uber clone script is...
  18. Essential Things to Keep in Mind During Gojek Clone App Development

    Multiservices app like the Gojek clone app is getting popular day by day. Business owners can get their Gojek clone script from UberEatslikeApp, considering the promising trends for such markets. It...
  19. The Most Successful App which holds Multiple Services under Single Hood!

    Gojek provides nearly 20 on-demand services. Developing a Gojek clone app with a link to multiple professionals and markets is the first step to launch a profitable multi-service business.

    A few...
  20. Why should Business Owners Invest in the Gojek Clone App?

    Multi-services app like the Gojek clone app is getting popular day by day. The main reason for this is because more people are opting for online apps with the increased use of mobile phones. These...
  21. Identify your Needs Before Developing a Food Delivery App!

    Are you an entrepreneur looking to develop a food delivery app? Are you approaching app development companies for the best UberEats clone script?

    There are three essential requirements to...
  22. 5 Simple Strategies to Scale your Zomato Clone among the Target Audience

    The food delivery services market has been one of the most successful and everlasting sectors in the on-demand app industry. As a result, there arises a need for uniqueness to attract the audience...
  23. Food Delivery Platform Growth for the coming years!

    The food delivery services market has been one of the most successful and everlasting sectors in the on-demand app industry. As the popularity of these platforms increases, several entrepreneurs...
  24. What should I look out for in the Instacart Clone script?

    Usually, app development companies provide you standard packages of their solutions. Some of the most vital aspects to consider include,

    Android app for users
    iOS app for users
  25. Charge of Developer to make an App like Zomato

    It is a wise decision made by you to invest in a Zomato like app development. Food delivery apps are gaining immense popularity in the modern world and are expected to grow exponentially for years to...
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