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    Pat Shurmur just wanted to get to know Odell Beckham

    when he arrived The New York Giants sent shock waves around the NFL onMonday afternoon with Odell Beckham Jr.’s historic contract. In an era in which it seems every big extension is preceded by an acrimonious negotiation or contentious hold-out White Riley Dixon Jerseys , this deal seemed to get done relatively painlessly. And of course, considering the magnitude of the contract and the stature of the player, that contract has dominated the news cycle ever since. It shouldn’t be any surprise that rather than talking about the Giants’ upcoming game against the New England Patriots, head coach Pat Shurmur was asked about Beckham in his press conference after practice on Tuesday.Getting to know OdellSince he arrived in the Giants’ facilities, Shurmur has made forging relationships with his plays a high priority. That already seems to be paying dividends with Odell Beckham Jr.’s remarkably amicable contract negotiation process. That all started with coach and player coming together and getting to know, and understand, each other.“Well, like any player, I just wanted to get to know him,” Shurmur said, “and he certainly is an outstanding player and he’s going to help us win games and so I just wanted to get to know him like I did with the other players. That was it Riley Dixon Jerseys 2019 , just normal communication between a coach and a player and you’ve heard me say it before, we’re here as coaches to help the players be the best they can be. Part of that starts by understanding who they are as players.”The biggest struggle for the Giants’ previous coaching staffs — both Tom Coughlin’s and Ben McAdoo’s — with regards to Beckham has been tempering and controlling his incredible passion for the game. It was an aspect of Beckham’s personality with which Shurmur quickly became acquainted. “I’ve said it numerous times,” Shurmur said, “but he’s super passionate about football. What I’ve seen in this building and what I’ve learned early on is he really cares about what he’s doing. He trains extremely hard. All the things that you need to do, you want to be great and I think I saw that quickly and really haven’t been disappointed in any of that along the way.” In building their relationship, Shurmur has tried to help Beckham with that part of his game.We all need to control our bodies and our minds and I think that’s – We talk about that with the players constantly, making sure they keep their composure. There’s a real fine line from being competitive and then crossing that line. He’s no different than any other player and we all wrestle with it as competitors. When I was a player, I was involved in a fight or two myself, so I understand mentally how that plays out.On Odell playing against the Jacksonville JaguarsBeckham has yet to take the field in a pre-season game, and is highly unlikely to do so in the fourth game. Without work against a live opponent in a game situation, could Shurmur count on Beckham once the regular season arrives? Shurmur seems to think so White Alec Ogletree Jerseys , saying, “There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll be ready to go against Jacksonville.”But while the Giants’ new coaching staff hasn’t gotten to see Beckham in a game, they did get to see him on the field in joint practices with the Detroit Lions. “The Detroit week was big,” Shurmur said. “He got a chance to compete against some really fine corners and he did it in practice at a high level in really an uncontrolled setting, so we were able to see it then.”Shurmur believes that Beckham will be ready to take the field against the Jags, but what about the rest of the team? “Well, we’re going to find that out,” Shurmur said. “I feel like we’ve done a lot of good things. I think we’re on the right path. We’ve certainly got a lot of work to do between now and first week and then teams improve as the season goes along, so this is a game – it’s the ultimate team game, you have to practice this game and between the practice sessions, you play games. You do what you can to beat the opponent you’re playing on that Sunday and then you move on. It’s really a journey for a team to try to get enough wins to be in the playoffs and as you go through it Alec Ogletree Jerseys 2019 , you hope as a team you stay healthy and then continue to improve.” Through five weeks of regular-season action, it had become apparent that replay review would be used to overturn a non-call of pass interference only in the event of another Rams-Saints debacle. The first game of Week Six made this reality crystal clear.Last in Thursday night’s game between the Giants and the Patriots, the officials on the field failed to spot a clear and obvious instance of pass interference committed against Giants receiver Golden Tate, as the road team tried to carve into a 21-point deficit at New England. New York coach Pat Shurmur, despite the ridiculously high bar that now applies to these situations, threw his challenge flag.The league office quickly upheld the ruling on the field — so quickly that it underscored the message to all coaches: Don’t bother.In March, the league reacted to the Rams-Saints debacle by making pass interference calls and non-calls subject to replay review. By September, the bar had been pushed so high that nothing short of a defensive player wiping out a receiver before the ball arrives will be deemed to be pass interference if the officials on the field fail to drop the flag.That definitely wasn’t the manner in which NFL senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron had planned to apply replay to these situations. In his preseason explanations to entities like NFL Media, Riveron made it clear that he intended to reoficiate these plays, looking for clear and obvious visual evidence of significant hindrance even if the officials had failed to spot it. At some point between late August and Week One, someone (presumably White Jonathan Stewart Jerseys , Commissioner Roger Goodell) had instructed Riveron that replay review simply will not be used that way.Thursday night’s abrupt affirmation of the on-the-field non-call underscores the reality that Riveron has been told that the new procedure will be used only as a break-glass-in-event-of-emergency device for preventing a complete and total miscarriage of NFL justice — notwithstanding situations like the Tate play, where contact impeding the receiver from catching the ball was indeed clear and obvious.The blatant nature of the early contact that kept Tate from catching the ball raises the question of whether the new protocol won’t be applied at all until the postseason, or at least until the outcome of a regular-season game rides on the final decision. With the Patriots up 21 and without nearly enough time for the Giants to close the gap, Riveron let it go. If New England had been leading by only seven points, would Riveron have given the Giants a flag for defensive pass interference?For now, the smart approach for all coaches will be to assume that anything other than a receiver being blown up by a defensive back before the ball arrives won’t trigger a ruling of inteference via replay review, if the officials miss it in real time. Perhaps, in a close game, the outcome will be different.Perhaps it won’t matter at all until the single-elimination round arrives.Regardless, replay review of pass interference calls and non-calls clearly has been gutted to the point where it’s meaningless. With each passing regular-season game, it will be harder to break from the precedent that Riveron is creating Jonathan Stewart Jerseys 2019 , one decision at a time.Come January, that could change. Come March, the league will have to figure out another way to correct blatant and obvious mistakes made by officials in key moments of games, because it’s clear that the change made by owners in March is being ignored by Riveron, at the behest of his superiors, perhaps until a blunder committed by the officials happens with a game on the line.

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