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    Just shoot me a message

    Those two Animal Crossing Bells flowers are the bane of my existence, lmao. I have have 20+ purple mums breeding for some time and have still yet to get a green one and needed to restart the whole process for blue roses a few of days ago since I did a measure incorrect

    The green mums came weirdly easy to me.

    Yeah, purple windflowers are bizarre. Regardless of them being my native flower, it took me multiple months to even get you, and it had been from randoms rather than the ones that I had been trying to breed.

    Same. I think that it's because I started with mums as my native blossom. I'd purple ones without trying to breed.

    And with only one buddy help water. Still waiting on the green mommy!

    Island purples have various genetics than the purples you obtain from breeding seed whites. It's possible to breed these purples from seeds by crossing yellow and red to get hybrid yellow, then crossing those to get the special purples.

    Edit: The hybrid yellows will also have a chance to produce green, but they create purple often and the purples possess a fairly high chance of making green.

    Oh I know they have different genetics but was unsure if they had a better chance to spawn greens compared to ones you create yourself from seeds

    I needed to start from scratch to get a green mommy. First place yellow and crimson mums together. Subsequently some yellows will spawn. Set the new and only the new yellows together. Those will create purples. Then put those purples collectively and bada boom, bada bang, green mommy.

    Just shoot buy Animal Crossing Items me a message

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